Black Sea Mediterranean Medical Academy

The Black Sea Mediterranean Medical Academy Foundation was established on May 25, 2012, marking the beginning of a collaborative scientific and practical partnership between the Universities of Messina (Italy) and Varna (Bulgaria), with the likely addition of the University of Alicante (Spain) in the near future. The inaugural management mandate of the newly created Academy was entrusted to Professor Michele Rosa of the University of Messina and Professor Dimitar Kamburov of the University of Varna.

The Foundation has set research goals and expresses the desire to serve the community by promoting and supporting the development and dissemination of medical and pharmaceutical knowledge, as well as the exploration of new technologies to enhance diagnostics and treatment. A primary focus of its work will be the exploration of new technologies for improving diagnostic and therapeutic activities, organizing meetings, seminars, conferences, and constructing facilities for the implementation of innovative medical technologies and infrastructure for training personnel or conducting research in medicine.